About Us

Middle East Petroleum Refinery Company was established in 2015 with the aim of producing thinner and hydrocarbons in Jannat Abad industrial town in Eyvanakey. After obtaining permissions from the relevant agencies, its first phase brought into operation by using experiences from oil industry experts with the target of producing high quality products which are presentable in world markets. This refinery company has been exported its products to neighboring countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Armenia, Pakistan, and central Asia.

Managers and shareholders of this refinery company are the former directors of Ministry of Industry, Mine & Trade which has been active since 1980 in the field of industry in our country. Other production units of managers are active and have operation license in the production of engine oils, gear oils, lubricants, and related industries which are located in Kaveh industrial town.

It is worthy to say directors of the company in addition to activities in the field of industry, have had commercial transactions in trade sector, export-import and transit of fuel and petroleum products to neighboring countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Armenia, Pakistan, and central Asia countries since 2007. This company is ready to supply and produce any kind of oil products, gas and petrochemical products with high quality guaranteed and competitive price in accordance with a diverse range of products.

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